Thursday, April 15, 2010

Growing Pains

Last night was a long night and I'm not used to that. AJ is 8 months old and has had maybe 2 or 3 nights where he's gotten up in the middle of the night. He woke up a little after 11 and was up until I would say 2. I could tell that he was so tired but yet SO restless. His legs were moving like he was running a marathon and he would shift his head back and forth trying to find a comfy spot. I turned the TV on in our room to kinda take his attention off of his discomfort. It worked for a short while but as soon as he closed his eyes he went right back to his squirming. I gave him some Motrin and thought this'll help him to relax...NOPE! At this point we had ran my husband off to the couch for his last couple hours of sleep. AJ's cry was a cry of pain and discomfort so I'm checking everything and messing with his ears thinking "Maybe he has an earache". He didn't even care that I was poking and looking.
On to my next hypothesis...AJ in the last couple of months has went from wearing at 4-5 months a 6 mo size for about a month and then moved into a 9 months size and has now recently moved into 12 months sizes. He's not a chubby baby but he seems long, which is the reason we have moved up sizes for the length. All of that growing can't be easy on top of crawling and building muscles. I know how I feel after a workout so add putting wear and tear on such delicate skin . It can't be easy being a baby and it's no wonder we can't recall our first years, it would no doubt be traumatizing.
I finally helped him get to sleep by laying my arm across him at the bend of his knees and patted and rubbed his back until he finally started snoring.
He seems ok today but tonight will tell for sure. It's just heart breaking when my baby reaches for me and wants to be held and he wants Mommy to make it all better and I'm pulling all my tricks out of the bag and nothing is working. Guess it's Growing Pains for Mommy too.