Thursday, May 13, 2010

13 things on My mind today

1. Cleaning and doing's never ending
2. Getting out of the house to do something...Maybe go to the lake and feed the ducks
3. Alex's 1st Birthday is just around the corner and will any of my family be able to come for it
4. I wanna see My Sister and My Niece!
5. Those Imagination Movers look like a lot of fun ; )
6. Does My tv get any other channels besides Disney and Nick Jr ?
7. 1st date real date night tomorrow...since before our son was born
8. What movie will we see and where will we eat?
9. Hope AJ sleeps the whole time where gone and doesn't give the babysitter any trouble
10. My sister-in-law graduates from Law School Saturday and I wish we could be there : (
11. Hope to get a nice healthy tan on the boat this weekend
12. Excited that my hubby has a 3 day weekend starting tonight


Self Sagacity said...

#2, 3, 6, I too share those thoughts today. Have a great time on your 1st date.