Saturday, February 20, 2010

Proverbs 22:6

I was thinking tonight, what is the right way to raise a child? This is my personal POV(point of view).

I don't remember being raised so to speak. I think that's something that happens when your really not thinking about it. It's only since I've been thinking about the bring up of my son that I think of my own raising. I was raised in a christian home where at around 11 years old My Daddy prayed with me to receive Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior. I always knew Jesus was there for me and never stopped believing but did stray from my christian walk at times. Then later when I was about 25 I rededicated my life. Since then I have had my stumbles but hey no body's perfect. I Thank my parents for planting that seed because I don't believe I would be the person I am today without my belief system. Now that's just a little background.

When I think about being raised nothing comes to mind except for things like going to church, my mom teaching me to sew, fry chicken, make dressing for Thanksgiving and other recipes. My Dad teaching me to roller skate, making oyster stew at night and letting me have some (there for which my love of oyster stew came from). And My Gran and Poppy I learned differently from them. My Gran had sayings for example: "pretty is as pretty does" and "a women can throw away more on a teaspoon than a man can bring in on a shovel". That's a couple but there are many more(as I think of them I'm sure I'll talk about them). And My Poppy had this knack for building things from him I learned that you can always make your own "blue print".

What I've learned most from all of these influences in my life is that even though all of these little things add up and make life interesting the biggest impression that was made wasn't anything they told me or taught me but it was how they led by example. They didn't have to write a rule book and make us (My sister, brother and I) memorize it. It was just part of everyday life.

Now thinking about raising AJ...knowing how I learned I know that I have to play "monkey see, monkey do". I can't expect anymore from him than I do myself. No rule books just life lessons and I have trust that even when he may stray he'll come back because the"seed" was planted.

When the seed is planted I have to water and give it lots of sunshine to help it grow. When it gets out of had and is growing so fast before it has that strong root system I'm going to have to cut it back some so it doesn't get top heavy and fall over. Then at last when I know that the tree is grounded and has a strong root system I'll be able to sit back and watch it flourish and bloom!